Build your professional WEB store
Grow your business and sales in 7 steps

Some good news

Develop a professional Web store adapted to your business needs in 7 steps!

Allredyshop is a professional and unique system for building up and managing professional online stores. The system is suitable both for existing stores and for new one.

All our stores are built according to user experience rules with special adaptation for mobile.

Over the years we have developed and added unique systems for promoting and increasing the sales basket.

All our stores can be interfaced with any clearing system, newsletter, dropshipping, CRM, various management systems and more.

Why Us?

All stores designed according to UI and UX (user experience)
Connection to Google Shop and Facebook Shop
Storage, security against hacks or viruses under our responsibility
Connecting any type of clearing system
A mobile-optimized store
Unlimited product uploads
Connecting advanced systems for sales promotion
The site is optimized for Google SEO
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Work Process

Establishing and promoting online stores is our specialty and in addition to the systems we developed and added,
We have a lot of knowledge and experience that serves our customers in thinking before setting up the store,
Building the user experience, operating the store and of course the promotion and meeting business goals.

Initial consultation with an expert for building online stores
Site characterization, which includes characterization of design and operational characterization
Website design
After approval of design, WEB developer starts working
You get the first version of the site, go through corrections / changes
Starting to sell
Organized training is held regarding the management and operation of the site
Perform repairs and connect external systems

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We are asked a lot and we are happy to answer

1. Everything is ready! The template is built according to all the new rules of the user experience in online shopping
2. 7 business days from the moment you register until you receive the store ready for sale
3. There are no commissions on the sales on the site
4. All systems for promoting the store are included on the website and in the price (according to the selected package)
5. Every store has protection against hacking and viruses
6. Exclusive to us – automatic basket update, contributes greatly to increasing sales
7. The development of the templates is based on market research and experience in the field of online stores since 2010!
8. Easy connection to Facebook and Google stores
9. Pre-adjusted template for organic promotion
10. Any clearing company that is convenient for you can be connected to the store

The system is suitable for anyone who wants to open an online store for physical products or a store to sell courses.
for example:
1. A shop selling books, games or cards
2. A store for selling a course or digital courses
3. Dropshipping store
4. Fashion store, jewelry, food, etc

No, you can end a contract whenever you want, but you have to take into account that the store goes offline when the deal ends.

There are no fees. All your profits are yours alone.

You can get support by email or WhatsApp.

Each site is backed up at the level of days, last 7 giants. In the professional track and above there is also a backup of key copies of the website.

For sure. You can change the route whenever you want.

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